"Concise" mode with shorter recording length + linking notes

While I understand the utitlity of the longer recording limit (30 mins), versus the previous limit of 10 mins. An interesting observation about myself: Once the limit was raised to 30, I found myself using that time and speaking for longer periods. I also noticed, however, that the summaries provided by Cleft's AI were usually not much (if at all) longer for a 29 minute recording, versus a 9 minute recording. I think what happens is...I ramble and repeat myself more when I know I have more time to talk, whereas knowing I'm capped at 10 mins causes me to be more concise and directed. It's kind of like the way a Tweet forces you to distill your thought down to it's simplest form. So perhaps we could have a concise mode, where we can set the default limit back to 10 mins (or shorter)? HOWEVER...I think what you would need to do in this case is provide the option to link two recordings...that is to tell Cleft that these four recordings are actually part of the same thought process or topic. So Cleft will summarize the thoughts across all four notes. This would allow me to have a thought - however brief - capture it, and know that I'll be able to link it to other recordings on the same topic.