Import Audio into Cleft Notes ## Description I want to be able to import audio from external sources into Cleft Notes. This feature would allow me to take audio from calls, live streams, or other recordings and create Cleft Notes from them. ## Use Cases - **Live Streams:** During live streams, I can't run other audio applications simultaneously. Being able to import the audio afterward would provide flexibility. - **Calls:** I was on a call with Johnny this morning and wanted to pull some pieces into a Cleft Note. - **Voice Notes:** I want to take voice notes from other applications and import them into Cleft Notes. - **Yaks:** I also want to be able to take yaks and turn them into Cleft Notes. ## Problem Statement I'm not always in Cleft Notes when I want to create a note. The main issue is the inability to run other audio applications during live streams. This feature would allow for the creation of notes from audio recorded outside of Cleft Notes, providing ultimate flexibility. ## Implementation Examples - **Dropbox and** Similar to how you can drop an audio note into Dropbox, which then uploads it to - **Direct Upload:** has an upload feature that allows users to directly upload audio files. ## Priority - **Medium Priority** ## Additional Information This feature would be particularly useful for those who create content on the go and need to convert various audio sources into structured notes. --------------------------------------------------- ## Instructions - Use your voice, don't waste your time typing - Complete using Cleft Please feel free to record a Cleft note to create your feature request: 1. Run Cleft, and press record 2. Run through the requirted and optional fields below 3. When your note is completed 4. , press copy markdown, and replace this text. 5. Optional add-on, attach a published Cleft note at the end so we can also listen back to your request ### Background: **Required**: Provide a brief description of your role or use case to help us and other users better understand the context of this request ### Feature Description: **Required**: Provide a detailed description of the feature you are requesting. Explain what the feature is and the problem it will solve ### Benefits/Rationale: **Required**: Explain why this feature is necessary and the benefits it will bring to users. Include any research, data, or comparisons to competitors' offerings that might support your request ### Potential Implementation: **Optional**:If you have ideas on how this feature could be implemented or examples of similar features in other applications, please describe them here] ### User Stories/Scenarios: **Scenario 1**: Description of the scenario/use case **Scenario 2**: Description of another scenario/use case ... (as many scenarios as necessary to provide a clear picture of how this feature would be used but quality over quantity) ### Mockups/Screenshots: **Optional**: Attach any sketches, mockups, or screenshots that could help visualize the feature] ### Impact: **Optional**: Indicate priority level - Low/Medium/High and a comment as to why ### Additional Information/Extra Credit: **Optional**:Any other information that can help understand or evaluate the request