We Need Roles For Creating Multiple Roles

I had to delete pre-filled request form, because I think this can be illustrated with photo down below, [Roles In Cleft Notes](https://imgur.com/a/20240515-cleft-notes-roles-aEEwVM4) The idea is quite simple: When you long-press the plus button, you can select one of the roles (to be confugured in settings). Each role would have its own set of custom instructions (and possibly the option to assign it a unique tag). But say, you are walking down the street, and wanna capture your thoughts, then you can use `Notes To Self (Reflection)` role to capture your thoughts Say if you wanna draft a reply to your friend's discord message, then you can use the role `Casual Conversation (Friend)` to say aloud your reply. We can work together as a community to try a test custom instructions for such roles, or set our own, based on our daily workflow. I think this will make Cleft Notes ever more useful and quickly accesible to articulate note in the right tone/language needed for any given use case.