Add context to note

## Background: I imagine creating notes on the go, so it could be cool to include location data and perhaps even a calendar link to the current meeting that is underway. ## Feature Description: [Required: Provide a detailed description of the feature you are requesting. Explain what the feature is and the problem it will solve] ## Benefits/Rationale: [Required: Explain why this feature is necessary and the benefits it will bring to users. Include any research, data, or comparisons to competitors' offerings that might support your request] ## Potential Implementation: [Optional:If you have ideas on how this feature could be implemented or examples of similar features in other applications, please describe them here] ## User Stories/Scenarios: Scenario 1: [Description of the scenario/use case] Scenario 2: [Description of another scenario/use case] ... (as many scenarios as necessary to provide a clear picture of how this feature would be used) ## Mockups/Screenshots: [Optional: Attach any sketches, mockups, or screenshots that could help visualize the feature] ## Impact: [Required: Indicate priority level - Low/Medium/High and a comment as to why - let's us better understand how this will impact your life/day-to-day - who else might this support/help? Always think about other users to help gather ALL of your thoughts] ## Additional Information/Extra Credit: [Optional:Any other information that can help understand or evaluate the request]