Sharing issue with Evernote

## Description: CleftNote having an issue with sharing notes to Evernote. ## Environment: OS: iOS 17.4.1 Software Version: Deleted and redownloaded on May 2nd, 2024 - There wasn't a spot I could find in settings to let me know what version I was on. Hardware: Apple 13 Pro ## Steps to Reproduce: Step 1 - record a note Step 2 - share note to Evernote Step 3 - error pops up that says "Bookmark Created - There was an issue clipping this page, so we saved a link for you." ## Frequency: How often does the issue occur? I started after April 17th. ## Severity: Rate the severity of the bug. I'll just say Major, because it's not allowing me to back up my journal entries to Evernote. ## Screenshots/Logs: [Please attach any relevant screenshots, logs, or additional documents that could help in diagnosing the issue] ## Additional Information: Ok, with further thinking and review, I figured out what's happening, to an extent. Becasue I referrenced doing some work with and that I have a call with, when sharing the note to Evernote, it's trying to add "" in as a bookmark to Evernote and getting confused. It's not sending the note, but focusing on the mention of "" and sharing a bookmark instead of forwarding the actual CleftNote. Also, it probably started after April 17th, as I probably hadn't referrenced the website prior to that. So posting a link inside of CleftNotes prior to sharing with a full URL, no issue, however, a voiced mention of a website, perhaps specifically saying "dot com" will cause the issue - see , I ran this as a test and had the same issue.