Transcription was a complete hallucination

## Description: i had did a recording of a sermon and wanted it to take notes for me. The first time was great. However, the second time got it completely wrong talking about tooics completely separate from the subject being taught. ## Environment: OS: iOS Software Version: testflight says 1.0 but it might have auto updated Hardware: iPhone ## Steps to Reproduce: record a long sermon or tech talk. have it be longer than the recording limit do two or 3 recordings for the same talk. compare the recordings you may eventually see the hallucination during the talk ## Frequency: Sometimes ## Severity: Major ## Screenshots/Logs: this is an accurate summarization of the first part of the sermon Power, Faith, and Divine Influence Created 04/07/24 09:46 AM Reflections on Power and Faith The Nature of Power Power is a complex and multifaceted concept that often eludes our grasp. Initially, I viewed power through a narrow lens, associating it with tangible assets or societal status. However, my perspective has evolved, recognizing that true power lies in our connection to the earth and the broader universe. This realization was partly inspired by a poignant scene from "Dog Farm," where the protagonist's beloved dog is tragically killed. This moment serves as a stark reminder of the ephemeral nature of power and the dangers of becoming too enamored with our own perceived control. this is the inaccurate second half of the sermon in another note Effective Principal Engagement Tips Created 04/07/24 09:59 AM Engaging with the Principal Introduction Approaching the principal with concerns or ideas can seem daunting, but it's essential to remember that open communication can lead to significant improvements in our school environment. It's about finding the right way to present our thoughts and requests. Strategies for Effective Communication • Be Respectful and Constructive: Start by framing your conversation in a respectful manner. It's not about accusing but rather requesting or suggesting improvements. • Innovate and Share Ideas: Don't hesitate to share innovative ideas. If you have a concept that could benefit the school, present it in a way that highlights its advantages. ## Additional Information: [Include any other information that might be useful for debugging, such as recent changes to the system or peculiarities of the environment]