Cleft Community Office Hours

## Priority: High ## Background: He have met a LOT of you folks, and are planning to meet a lot more. We get that onboarding isn't for everybody, AND, we want to ensure that you get to speak to us directly as much as possible. We also want to support follow up for power users to every user, after they have completed initial onboarding. With that, we are going to add in some regular office hours :) This is different to onboarding - you set the agenda :) ## Feature Description: Office hours format has been called - you can check out full details [here]( This is at will - you do NOT need to get involved, if you do not want to. We wish to avoid adding any notifications to your life, that aren't wanted or needed. FYI, video off is perfectly fine for us, WHENEVER you meet us. No need to explain (but always feel free to!). ## Benefits/Rationale: We want to support users as they get used to using Cleft, and to help unlock things as it we roll out further updates to the beta, and move towards general release. We want to build a scalable community as well as a reliable product, so this is another building block we are adding to ensure your continued success using Cleft. ## Implementation: **Formats** - One-to-ones - One-to-a few **Timing** - Bookable times ## User Stories/Scenarios: - Scenario 1: As a user, I have a question I'd like to meet the team about - Scenario 2: As a user, I don't like video calls, but I would still like to engage with the team - Scenario 3: As a user, I want to jam with other users and the Cleft team on ideas on a shared call You get the idea - we want to speak with you :) ## Impact: Your voice reaches us, to improve Cleft for everybody = wins all around. We want the blunt, constructive feedback to keep rolling in, thanks so much for your continued support! Please give any feedback on this as we build it out.