Trust Hub

## Priority: High ## Background: Currently working on an update to our website at Cleft, and I would LOVE to get some inspiration for our trust section - where we focus on data - it's protection, use and basic common sense things users should know. Calling it our "Trust Hub" for now - but we are open to suggestion on this. ## Feature Description: Data, it's protection, use and everything in between is pretty important to Justin and I - we want to make clear to our users (you!) that this is not just marketing and/or legal babble. We have a solid opinion, stance, existing and evolving policy in place from day one (I'll link existing policy(s) in the comments, but there is always room for improvement as we grow. Our first public build is 1 month old today, for context! 🎂🎂🎂 I want to work on making sure we show our work and make it clear as day to anybody - proficient in data protection, or not - to understand that user data is theirs i.e. owned by them, and that keeping it safe is paramount. What I have planned so far: - A dedicated page, calling it Trust Hub for now but that is very much placeholder - open to suggestions! - An updated introduction (executive summary) to make it simple, in 60 seconds or less, to get a great understanding of what is going on with your data when sign up to use Cleft, or when somebody is getting a better understanding prior to downloading the app. - A dedicated frequently asked questions, that tune into our particular type of product - something that lets our customers capture their thoughts wherever they are. - A simple to digest section on how your data flows ## Benefits/Rationale: [Explain why this feature is necessary and the benefits it will bring to users. Include any research, data, or comparisons to competitors' offerings that might support your request] ## Potential Implementation: [If you have ideas on how this feature could be implemented or examples of similar features in other applications, please describe them here] ## User Stories/Scenarios: Scenario 1: Existing user wants to better understand how their data is used when using Cleft. Scenario 2: Potential users want to better userstand how their data is used when using Cleft, before they become a user. ## Impact: Further confirm our users can trust us. ## Call to Action Any suggestions for inspirations, suggestions or comments, would love to hear them in the comments. Any websites or services you like, love or loathe for their approach to data - please call it out here, we are listening :)