Wow, first and formost

Sometimes beta feedback forgets to take a ever so brief moment to just purely alplaud what's already here. Well done, this is something else. few notes: I found that slight tweeks to the experimental tone/word definition elemnent of the settings works wonders and immedietly focused the scope of what I wanted to be captured with additional detail and structure. For example, I instructed the tone to stay casual, but when I say the word "concept" Cleft should specifically take that word as a cue to create a structured summary of the idea and create feasible next steps in task/list form - it did this so well it's as if it understood the underlying problem my "concept" was aimed at solving and thus, the output was not only in a structured list with clear next steps, but Cleft created sub-tasks that were so accurate it basically added the steps in between the steps my own brain was most tunneled in on focus wise. obviously with this kind of output avaliable I wanted to share the resulting next steps with Obsidian and omnifocus, my only wish is that the output would generste the steps as individuslly parsed tasks rather than 1 large task