Duplicating Notes for Tailored Sharing

## Overview We're thinking about a new feature to Cleft: Duplicating Notes. This enhancement is designed to give you more control over how you share your notes, ensuring a tailored experience for different recipients while maintaining our commitment to simplicity and user-friendly functionality. ## Key Features - **Simplified Sharing:** The goal is to avoid the complexity of managing multiple links for a single file. Instead, you'll be able to easily generate and share variations of your notes, catering to the specific needs of your audience. - **User Control:** Whether you're satisfied with your note and want to share just a summary without the audio or transcript, or you wish to provide a detailed version, this feature puts you in control. You decide the level of detail each recipient gets, ensuring a customized sharing experience. - **Seamless Integration:** We're focused on integrating this new feature without complicating the existing user interface. The aim is to add this functionality without introducing unnecessary complexity, ensuring that you won't need to climb a steep learning curve to take advantage of it. ## Commitment to Simplicity In line with our philosophy, we're ensuring that the addition of this feature doesn't detract from the clean and straightforward experience you've come to expect from Cleft. Our approach is to enhance functionality without overloading the app with buttons or options, keeping everything within easy reach. ## Your Feedback Your input is invaluable as we refine and roll out this feature. We're eager to hear your thoughts and how you envision utilizing the duplicating notes capability to streamline your sharing process. Your feedback will guide us in making further improvements and ensuring that this feature meets your needs. Stay tuned for updates as we progress, and thank you for being a part of the Cleft community.