Enhanced Note Zoom Functionality

## Overview I'm interested in improving the usability of our Cleft by introducing a more intuitive zoom functionality. This feature would allow users to easily zoom in and out of their notes, enhancing readability and overall user experience. Given the varying needs for zoom based on individual eyesight and preferences, this functionality could significantly improve how users interact with their notes. ## Desired Features - **Zoom In/Out**: Implement shortcut keys (Command + and Command -) to enable users to quickly zoom in and out of their notes. This feature will cater to users with different visual requirements and preferences, making the application more accessible. - **Reset Zoom**: Introduce a shortcut key (possibly Command 0) that allows users to reset the zoom level to its default state. This ensures that users can easily return to the standard view after adjusting the zoom to their liking. - **Simplicity and Accessibility**: The implementation of these features should be straightforward, not requiring users to navigate through menus or settings. The goal is to enhance user experience by making zoom adjustments seamless and easily reversible. ## Considerations - It's essential to evaluate the current functionality of shortcut keys (e.g., Command Backspace) to avoid conflicts with existing shortcuts. - Understanding user behavior and preferences through feedback or testing could provide insights into how these features are used and any additional enhancements needed. - Ensuring that these zoom features are smoothly integrated into the application's existing interface without disrupting the user experience. Thinks it a no-brainer but definitely wanted to share before I forgot to get it out of my brain!