Beta Release 14 Release notes | iPad update & monthly plans are live

## Current Builds - **macOS:** Build 26 - **iOS (iPhone and iPad):** Build 56 ## Improvements ### Search shortcut update ⌘ + s now opens search from everywhere in the app, except when you are in write view. ### iPad Interface We focused on updating the iPad format interface. **Usage Recommendations (for now):** * **Portrait Mode:** Best for touch interactions. * **Landscape Mode:** Best for formatting or editing notes using a keyboard. ### Monthly Plans - Launched new monthly plans at $8 per month. - Updated the basic free plan to increase the recording limit from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. ## Community Acknowledgements - Thanks to all users who shared feedback over the last few weeks. - Existing Plus customers with annual accounts have been added to the swag list for their early support. Annual plans will return, at a later date, so you were part of the lucky originalsto get access, for now. - We will be emailing these customers directly in the coming days to give them a sneak peek of the real-time plan for this quarter and upcoming features. - Excited to see what everyone thinks of the 14th release in 12 weeks. Thanks for the support so far - have a great day and speak soon. Full release notes [here](