Beta Release #7

iOS Build 36 Mac Build 19 **Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR)** * We've replaced the loading screen with transcription progress after recording. * Copy and delete note actions are now inside an overflow menu to improve your experience. * You can now delete offline notes. * We've fixed the issue of duplicate content when sharing on iOS, thanks to @Cosmic's help! * We've also fixed the issue with AirPods not working for recording (Sorry about that ya'll) LOTS of bugs squashed in this build - special note of thanks to all the users who have been speeding up hunting things down and letting us know making sure everybody has a better experience using Cleft! Have a read or listen to our latest release in a published Cleft [here]( P.S. There's a known issue where scrolling fast to the top of the list will scroll infinitely. Just tap the top of the phone to zip to the top of the list and it'll work great. This **will be fixed** in a future update but Airpods were just way too important not to push out right away!